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Tantric Goddesses


Start: 8th November 2020

Learn how to integrate feminine tantric practices in your busy life so that you can feel radiant, free and connected without having to spend hours of personal work

Replay from the live info call

Embody the goddess within you

Do you want to feel empowered in your body, connected with the 10 tantric goddesses, integrate their energies in your femininity and let yourself shine, without having to figure it all out by yourself? 

You are a powerful woman, not new to the tantric path and you are called to go deeper into the study and practice of Tantra.

Working with the tantric goddesses has been mysteriously calling you,

but you know that this is a hard practice to do and complete on your own.


If you wonder what to practice and how you are not alone! 

You would like clear guidance on a subject that could get you lost into google for hours.

You are dedicated to finally learn about these mystical teachings and you need support to understand the depth and details. 

You know that being guided makes this so much easier and achievable. 



The mysterious tantric practices

you have never heard off.

I don't believe in "woo-woo" teachings.

I try to avoid using certain words that are overused in the Tantra scene,
and when I speak about embodying the goddess I am not pointing to some

I have personally worked with the Goddesses before, and this work is powerful.

Powerful in a way that it is hard to explain in words because these teachings are very mysterious, they have been secret for years and will remain secret to many. 

This work can help you break through challenges that you are facing,
it can and lift you up and support you to take those exact steps in your life to feel radiant and joyfully and free. 

It can simply put a smile 
on your face and a tear of joy in your eyes. 

I am not going to convince you here to join,
you feel it or you don't.

We can do this journey with 5 powerful women, with 15 or with 25,
but each and every woman that shows up will be ready,
just as ready as you are. 


You will learn about each of these goddesses

Taj Mahal

Goddess of time and transformation

Goddess of wisdom, compassion and self-awareness

Tripura Sundari
Goddess of desire and divine will

Goddess of space

Tripura Bhairavi
Goddess of divine action

Goddess of life death and sex


Goddess of dissolution and cosmic void

Goddess of stillness
Goddess of divine expression and arts

Goddess of abundance and prosperity


By the end of this sadhana, you will feel radiant, empowered and deeply connected with these powerful goddesses

This is not an online course, not an online training, this is a 10 - week journey where you can practice together with me and a dedicated group of women to discover the power of these goddesses mixed with your own potential. 

You will receive step - by - step guidance, my expert tips, 
and the support you need to stay committed and dedicated from 2 advanced tantric women who are joining the team. 

This practice is meant to follow a feminine flow, so you can easily integrate it with your work, relationships and other commitments. 

Imagine how it would feel to have time for yourself and your feminine practices without having to sacrifice your creative projects at work, your social interactions or your family/relationship time. 


Working with the 10 tantric goddesses is a joy, it's a delight.

It's is all about integrating and using the energy of the goddesses to get the best out of yourself at work,

in your relationships and in your day to day activities. 


You will be sensitively guided to recognise the elements of each goddess inside of yourself.

With the help of this sadhana and the power of the group, you will feel encouraged and supported to bring out your best qualities.


You might have to face some challenges to do that, but the energy of each goddess is ultimately rooted in love and that is what you are invited to connect with. 


This 10-week journey will give you a steady and embodied tantric practice to grow into the tantric woman that you wish to be. 

You will know which goddess to call upon and how - in any situation in life.

Not only during these 10-weeks, no for years to come! 

Your Facilitators

Arja also goes by the title as Tantric Initiatress and that's for a reason! She initiates women into the feminine path of tantra so that they can own their beauty, create a life that turns them on and feel empowered as a woman on the tantric path. 

One of Arja's greatest passions is tantric rituals, and combining that with the 10 tantric goddesses will create magic in your temple. 

Since the last decade, Arja has studied both traditional Tantra as well as modern Tantra and flew all across the world to get certified while studying with the foremost leaders, teachers and masters in the world of Tantra. 

Arja has helped hundreds of women to feel radiant, empowered, sexy and free, and in this sadhana she will give you the tools to step into your own empowerment too!

Arja Hendrikx

Lead Facilitator

Ishvari is a certified tantra teacher since 2012 and has held international courses for women all around the world since, so yes feminine embodiment is her mission! 

You will find yourself mesmerized watching her dance, because this power woman has years of training in Odissi classical indian dance. Odissi is a form of dance where you invoke the energy of the goddess and transmit her spiritual teachings through your movements. This dance is a prayer in itself and so powerfully transmitted by Ishvari. 

She will be your guide on this journey to bring your sadhana into movement, to feel the goddess inside of you, and watch yourself blossom, radiate, glow and shine in your own skin!


Ishvari Melanie

Devotional Dance Facilitator


Anneke Louise

Emotional Support 

Anneke is your go to person during this sadhana when things get challenging!
She brings in the best of both worlds. She is not only a certified tantra teacher, she is also a certified Yoga -Therapist (C-IAYT) specialised in pelvic health.

Guess where we store a lot of our emotions, our blokages and our tension?
Right in the pelvic floor!

In this super unique and exciting Mahavidya sadhana, you will be connecting into the very powerful energies of the Wisdom goddesses. These processes can be intense and bring impurities and imbalances to the surface.

Anneke is here to guide you to navigate these often very personal journeys, supporting you to reap the deeply healing benefits of this sadhana, while being able to hold yourself in a safe and nourishing way.

Yes, this power woman will know how to calm your nervous system after physical lows and spiritual highs!


Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 14.52.57.png

This is included

10 week guided sadhana -  learning about the 10 goddesses from 3 experts!
Yes, you are learning from women that have walked this path before you. Having the correct guidance will make your goals easier and achievable. 

Weekly feminine practices for each goddess to open your heart, connect with your femininity and create a steady tantric practice to feel more radiant, juicy, alive, inspired, loved and powerful!

10 different sanskrit mantras, one for each goddess to evoke her energy and open your heart.

Our private group where you receive support and motivation to keep on practising. You can share your joy, your struggles, your inspiration and be connected to the other women. You know that doing this alone will be much more difficult, with our support you won't get lost, and set yourself up for a true transformation. 

Dance classes for each goddess to feel her energy and embody your process through dance. Dancing is one of the feminine expressions of spirituality of devotion and of the heart. You will learn mudras and body postures coming from classical Indian dance (Odissi). You will feel so powerful, so radiate and so much in your own beauty while dancing that you can feel the goddess dancing through you. 

A live initiation ritual to start our sadhana. This is where you will connect with us live and all the women joining you. Rituals are a powerful way to start a sadhana, set intentions and clear anything that might be in your way. 

A live closing ritual to create life-long connections with these goddesses and imprint this sadhana in your psyche so you can call upon the qualities of each goddess whenever you need them!

A priceless experience and unique opportunity to be part of this group of women!
There is nothing like this out there, and you can join!

Registration is closed 

3 Payments of $397

Pay in full $997

save $200


Devotional Dancing

Here are examples of videos from our dances to the goddesses.
Each movement is telling a story, invoking the quality of the goddess inside of yourself. 

This dance is like a prayer, to the goddess, to yourself and to your heart.