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Revealing our Real Nature
through Sexuality

How would it feel to be 100% passionate about your erotic life & 100% on fire for spiritual awakening?


My courses are designed to create a sacred temple for the union of spirit and matter, body and soul,

mind and heart, so you can express sacred sexuality in a way that touches the depth of your Soul.

January 2020

Pssstttt….. Are you curious to come but you also feel a bit nervous about going? 

I understand that it is scary to.....

I clearly remember how I felt when I just heard about Tantra workshop for the very first time. I was super intrigued to go, but the idea made me pretty nervous. So if you are still in that phase and there is some doubt inside of you, watch this video from Lala!

Get 5 techniques to feel

more open & free in your sexuality

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