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Arja Hendrikx

Dirty Talk Deep Dive 

Dirty talk can be such a turn on, but you might not know what to do, say or express in a way that feels sexy, sensual and fun instead of uncomfortable or awkward. 

Powerful masterclass for women ready to own their erotic voice!

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If there is one magic way a woman can claim her sexual power more deeply, it's by embodying the art of sacred dirty talk.

You might think that dirty talk is something you do for him, but the opposite is true. 

When you learn the secrets to talking dirty in bed,

you take control over your own turn-on.

Not only that, dirty talk is this magic tool that you can use to move into deeper levels of lovemaking. 

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I am using dirty talk as a way to connect more deeply in bed,
to spice things up, or slow them down, and it makes the entire experience more juicy, playful, intimate, connecting and fun!  


Yes, dirty talk can be wild & erotic, and it can also be adoring, loving and delicate. 

And you can do the same! 
Are you ready to try?

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- And it makes your sex life so much juicier!

Dirty talk can support you to step into your own sexual power and create a deeper connection with your body, desires, heart, pleasure and feminity.

A sensual woman can respond very powerfully to the mental aspects involved in sex.

She doesn’t only activate her body to have full pleasure, she also activates her brain, and one of the ways to do that is to bring dirty talk in the bedroom.

In this deep dive, you learn how!

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Dirty talk is an art to express yourself erotically.


In this dirty talk deep dive,

you will get super practical tools that are accessible, easy to start with and give you a boost of excitement, juice and spark in the bedroom!

Here is what you'll learn in this 2hour pre-recorded workshop:

  • The 4 different ways to talk dirty in bed. 

  • How to use dirty talk to boost your arousal.

  • When to introduce dirty talk - and when NOT so that it doesn’t feel awkward or kill the mood. 

  • How to build up your dirty talk. 

  • How dirty talk bridges the gap between sexual fantasies & sexual realities.

  • How to use dirty talk to make love the way YOU want. 

  • How to talk dirty in a way he actually likes. 

  • PLUS one of the most important aspects how to follow your impulse and make it authentic, connected and real.


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Get my personal favourite tools to make it feel sacred,
not slutty or sleazy. 

This is a 1-time purchase that will give you lifelong fun!

Current price for being a dirty talk queen
and raise the bar of your sexual life is: €108

Original price: €222


Thank you for your fantastic and inspiring dirt talk Masterclass!


I enjoyed listening to you so much and went to practice the next day :-)


It was so much fun and, a feeling of empowerment and relaxation at the same time, knowing that my man would just exactly do what I tell him to.


He said afterwards that he loved being guided over and into my body.



- Jana


I just finished your dirty talk deep dive and really loved your energy and angle of approach!

My husband got excited after me playing around with him and now he is interested in watching it too, so it really sparked something and benefits our relationship!

I haven't made it through the bonus content yet but I am looking forward to it.
I  have been practising with what I learned so far and I am excited to see what else is there to discover, thank you! 

- Ginny


What about this bonus to spice it up even more?

Bonus  Masterclass :
The art of sexual communication. 

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This is masterclass was a real hit, and you get access to the 2-hour recording.It is super juicy and full of expert tips & tools to improve your bedroom skills even more!


Hi I am Arja,

Dirty talk is not something that came easy to me.
I remember being so curious about it but feeling too shy to even try! 

I had no idea how, what to say or what to do it and I was worried that whatever I would say sound stupid instead of sexy.

Untill I discovered that dirty talk doesn't have to be sleazy or slutty!


It could be sacred, sensual, sexy and erotic and I discovered that its such a turn on for me!

Not only that, I feel how it empowers me in bed. 

It's this magic tool that I can use to shift the lovemaking to a different vibration, to make love the way I want it, and to go to spaces with my partner, that leave ordinary sex far behind.


Yes, dirty talk can include so much more than what we see online, and its my pleasure to show you how!


Testimonials from power women now shining in their sexuality

I used to rather spend my time focussing on my career and make money instead of having sex. I didn't really enjoy sex, was a lot in my head and felt like other women had sexual experiences that I couldn't get access to. 

After working with Arja, I can say that I become a multi-orgasmic woman and I feel very connected to my body. I am desiring sex again and transformed my own relationship with sexuality that now fuels not only my relationship but also my business for the rest of my life!


Elaina Ray,
6-figure Business Coach, Bali

I experience heart-centred lovemaking and more sensations than ever before!

I felt that I wanted to go deeper in the bedroom with my partner and I knew there was a way to do this but I didn’t know HOW.

I thought that I was fine in my sexuality but I discovered how much I held myself back with shame and guilt in the bedroom and I removed deep limitations so that I could go into deeper intimacy with my partner.

Now I feel a deeper connection when making love, I literally have more sensations in my Yoni than ever before and I have the confidence to initiate lovemaking, knowing that I embody these sacred teachings. 


Lexi Sara,

EFT Therapist Australia

I fell in love with my body.

I feel sexy and beautiful and unique again! 


I felt a bit lost with the connection to my own feminine being. I found myself comparing to other women and being a lot in my head when it comes to sexuality. Even tho I felt content with sex I knew there was more for me to experience. 

I felt insecure when it comes to speaking up in bed. I was a lot in my head during lovemaking and worrying if I was taking too long or how my body looked in certain positions.  

Now I got the tools to feel empowered in bed. 
I have the confidence to speak up in bed, to slow down, to love myself, and to feel what I really want instead of thinking too much about it. 

Yes! Working with Arja really boosted my self-esteem to feel sexy and free and confident in the bedroom. 

Chantal van der Gaast,
Radiologist, Netherlands

Still here?
Looks like you really love to master the art of sacred dirty talk and enjoy it for the rest of your intimate life - for real!

What are you waiting for?

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