An Exclusive Retreat for Couples

Intimate Lovers Retreat

11 - 15thAugust 2020

If you are a tantric couple ready to be initiated into the most beautiful, the most sensual, the most powerful erotic rituals your heart has ever longed for, then join Arja for an exclusive couples retreat where you will experience sexual magic others don't even dare to dream of.  


You and your beloved are surrounded by candlelight, your eyes connected, fingers intertwined. The bright moon illuminates your room while the subtle breeze gently caresses your skin. You feel your body’s delight after sharing a beautiful, sacred, erotic ritual together. It seems that time stopped, there is just you, your partner, and a deeper intimacy that unites the two of you on a level that touches the depth of your souls.

If you are wondering where you are...

You and your partner are joining the Intimate Lovers Retreat Chances are that right now, you are learning new intimacy tools and tantric practices, or you are saluting the sun during our morning tantra yoga practice, or maybe you are indulging in your newly learned sensual massage, but whatever you are doing, its strong, its powerful, it's transformational and it's all you ever longed for to share with a partner.

But this is not any kind of retreat...


As the night sky darkens,

your private room turns into a sacred temple,

where the bed is the altar,

your lovemaking is the prayer

and your ego is the offering.




Just Imagine


Here is what will happen when you come:

While we will be playfully indulging in the sensuous
delights of love, ritual,
and eroticism, this will also be an empowering, life-changing experience.


Each event, each class — each moment — is carefully designed to deeply immerse and work with your personal relationship with sexuality,  to support the profound and ritualistic experiences waiting for you. 

As you enter our sacred space you will:

♥ Step into a sexual sanctuary, this retreat is an immersion into your body, heart, and soul where you will enjoy the sexual education you always wanted to receive

♥ Learn to engage with your partner in a way that is connected, open-hearted and radiantly real. You will deepen your capacity to love, honor and trust yourself and meet each other from a place of true authenticity.  


♥ Be initiated into erotic rituals you never knew existed. These rituals have blown my mind, opened my heart, and left me in awe of the magnificence of this universe. It transformed my life, and I know it will transform yours too.  



We would love to be initiated! 

Why you'd want to be there

Increase your mindfulness with daily meditation

Indulge in Bhakti Yoga, increasing your aspiration & devotion

Take your relationship to the next level

Experience synchronized lovemaking rituals

Receive top-class knowledge about Tantra

Stay at a magical venue 

Be guided by a certified tantra & yoga facilitator 

Learn sacred sexual rituals

Practice Tantric

Hatha Yoga

Open to a world of Magic & Mystery



I highly recommend Arja’s offerings. If you’re looking for a true embodiment of Tantra and an authentic transmission from the heart then look no further. Arja’s teachings and presence will help you remember and awaken to your own connection and devotion, unlocking your tantric nature to reveal the layers we’ve created to protect us and let love flow blissfully and organically in all areas of your life. This is real Tantra at its core.

Lili, Peru

This journey will touch your life, bring tremendous depth to your relationship, connects you to the power of the spiritual heart, invites you to discover the sacred world of sexual eroticism, and heal lingering wounds of sexuality, for you, your partner and all of humanity for years to come. 


Our Journey

Sexual Inquiry

Part 1


You will begin your journey with a profound inquiry into sexuality, especially in relation to today’s world and how reclaiming your sexual nature can ignite your empowerment. We can’t go into the depth of erotic tantric ritual if our minds are still filled with the old musty dusty conditionings of society. You will be sensitively guided to move through places of numbness or resistance, and from there into compassionate acceptance of all that you are. You will embrace the practices that support a healthy integration of sexuality into spirituality, making you ready to drop into the profound sacredness of love, ritual & eroticism. 

Make sure to read the whole journey! >


Ohh the possibilities,
by the end of this journey...

You will feel powerful at heart,
and connect with your deepest spiritual aspiration. Calling in the intelligence of the divine feminine and divine masculine you will rejoice in a space of adoration, worship,
and devotion, offering all your love to the Gods.

You let your soul rise and overpower any lingering doubts about the sacredness of sex. You will feel confident to guide your own tantric ritual and you will continue to add rituals to your life, both in and outside of the bedroom. With a foundation like this, partnership becomes divine.

Your sexuality will open up fully, and you start to feel all of life. Your love will grow in magnitude, and it will connect you to the wisdom of your own heart. You will start to feel the full vitality of existence far beyond your personal self. This is an awakening to your own divinity, inviting you to dissolve in awareness itself.

As you come into your fullness, your capacity to share love, pleasure and sexuality expands. By the end of our journey, you will leave with a tremendous feeling that the way you related to sexuality, love, ritual, and eroticism will never be quite the same..

Everything screams Yes!

The Cuisine

During this retreat, you will be indulging in your senses in many ways, and of course, the meals are not an exception to that! We will share delicious vegan & vegetarian meals. 


If you do not eat this or that, no worries, we will accommodate your preferences.


You will be eating delicious veggies, fresh fruit,
and even the finest


Your days will be filled with exquisite brunches and luscious snacks. Your dinners will be adventurers affairs with candlelights 


We can't wait!


So what do you gain by spending

4 mysterious nights and 5 delightful days

at the Intimate Lovers Retreat?


Well, what if you became authentically inspired to fully reconnect sexuality with spirituality,

living the love, sex & relationship you completely, absolutely and totally adore — matching perfectly with your spiritual practice?


How would it be to move away from your busy lives and prioritize your relationship for 8 full days, spending top-notch, romantic, erotic, sensual, and serious quality time with your beloved?


And how would it feel to receive the initiation that will enable you to practice erotic tantric rituals in your own home (not once but for many more years to come!) Magnifying your sexual life, the connection with your partner and your aspiration for the Divine?


And what if you picked up a sense of total body love, at the same time releasing old conditioning and sexual shame, healing your relationship to sexuality, and building your trust in the Divine?



Wouldn’t that be amazing?


You bet it would! PLUS, you’ll get to soak in the vital energy of other beautiful couples.

But there’s even MORE! Let me tell you about the bonuses 

The Bonuses

     Just because I care, you will also receive:


Access to Intimate Lovers Private Facebook Group.

This is a place to connect with the whole group pre-trip, you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info, and then we’ll stay connected post-trip. This will be a place to collaborate, share heart to heart and encourage and support each other in your Divine Sexual Awakening.


Secret E-mail List
Both of you will be added to my secret e-mail list. Doing rituals is my true passion and I will continue to organize synchronized lovemaking rituals throughout the year. You will join a group of experienced tantrics that are all syncing up their time-zones to unite and make love for God at exactly the same moment! 



What is included?


  5 solid days of profound teachings integrating traditional as well as modern perspectives of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality 

♥  4 nights of private accommodation for you and your partner 

♥  Professional guidence by Arja Hendrikx & Ori Dahan 

♥  All brunches & evening dinners

♥  In-depth theory, supplying you with profound knowledge on Tantra, it’s philosophy, its traps, and its transcendence

♥  Practical tools for self-accountability & conscious relating

♥  The most magical tantric rituals others don't even dare to dream of

♥  A time together full of juicy and in-depth conversations

♥  Various transfiguration rituals

♥  Synchronised lovemaking rituals

♥  Daily Heart Meditations

♥  Tantric Hatha Yoga

♥  Devotional bhajans, chanting the names of the Gods

♥  Daily Tantric Puja

♥  Quality one-on-one time to connect deeply with your beloved


What is not?


♥  Transportation to the venue or airfare when coming from abroad

♥  Money for additional events or adventures not part of the program

♥  Additional meals or snacks which are not listed on the left

♥  Personal, medical or travel insurance



Yes, we are in!

This retreat is totally for you two if:

  • You are ready to enter a sexual sanctuary

  • You are excited to go deeper in sacred sexual and erotic rituals like as no-one has ever taught you before.

  • You want a unique getaway that will not only pamper you but also strengthen your relationship

  • You want to have lots of fun while exploring your sexuality in a new way

  • You are ready for a holiday that will rock you and your partner's world!

  • You are yearning for a profound connection with sexuality and spirituality.

  • You are ready to authentically and uniquely manifest your fullest (Love) life

  • You’re both excited and nervous about this retreat!


This retreat is not for you both if:

  • You don’t want to understand sacred sexuality on a deeper level and prefer to stay with superficial tantric practices.

  • You are not willing to put in the effort, time and dedication to create an amazing sex life

  • You enjoy making excuses, being negative or defensive

  • Spiritual exploration, personal growth, and major breakthroughs bore you.

  • You aren’t willing to laugh, cry, hug – and get a little dusty dirty.

Important details

This course is for couples committed to both personal as well as spiritual growth.

The retreat includes nudity and intimate practices and therefore requires a
mature attitude towards sexuality & spirituality 
and is not for the faint-hearted.


Please carefully consider your level of readiness and maturity

before applying for this retreat.


During our time together will both go into the depth of tantric rituals as well as sexuality, self-accountability and work to strengthen the connection with both your personal and transcended self.


Working with sexuality can involve challenges on multiple levels and I will put all my love, energy and support to guide you and your beloved on a magical as well as transformational journey, and I need your help for that!


So, if you are ready to take the next step in your personal, spiritual and relationship life and offer all your love, pleasures and devotion to the Gods than this retreat is made for you. 


My promise to you

After 7 years of traveling the world completely by myself, I couldn’t do anything else than devote my life to the tantric path. I have been greatly inspired while living in tantric communities and study with the foremost spiritual leaders and teachers all around the world.


I spend all my finances (literally till I was almost broke!) on the most profound tantra initiations and different tantra, yoga, and meditation teacher training programs. I have spent over 100 days meditating in silence, connecting with the depth of the Heart, while also struggling with all the hesitations of the mind. 


Only after I discovered the importance of yoga and meditation and its integration with tantra, I began the long, slow road to discover the magic that is hidden in this world.


Tantric rituals have always had a special place inside my Heart and I can't express with words how it ignites the longing inside my heart, how it places me in prayer on my knees and how my soul trembles in gratitude while experiencing the grace that flows through during these special moments.


Thanks to the grace of these rituals, I have experienced the most profound,

the most elevated, the most captivating, the most heart opening & mind-blowing experiences and I can't wait to share these profound rituals with you and your beloved. 


Therefore I have combined, my intensive and comprehensive study,  

self-practice, research, and personal experiences to create the most valuable, the most sacred, the most life-changing and transformational retreat for you.


I guarantee that this retreat is put together with the most love, care, passion, and enthusiasm that will not only change your life forever…
You will have the practical tools you need to adapt erotic rituals as a part of your life, not just for a few days, no for the rest of your life.


Yes Arja & Ori we are joining!

Ori Dahan

I will be leading this retreat with Ori Dahan. 

For the last decade Ori has been a student and practitioner of various styles of Meditation, Yoga and different types of spiritual & personal work. He has spent time living and studying  in Tantric communities, Buddhist monasteries, Sufi gatherings and Osho ashrams, studying under great teachers and mystics. 


 For the past few years he has been teaching various types of Meditation, Yoga and Tantra in retreats classes and workshops around the world, putting together everything he has studied and practiced, with passion & dedication - creating a powerful transmition.


when asked what it is that he shares and teaches he answers:

“I am simply a “teacher of Love.” My mission is to help each and every person to deepen in Love with oneself, Love with the other, and Love with God, whatever that is to him/her… 

My aspiration is serving people in identifying and removing blockages that stand in the way of That Love that we already Are. "


Any lingering questions? Please ask!

5 Pillars of Tantric Lovemaking 


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