Awakening the Heart

Pillar Two

 What would it feel like to have the sexual experiences as your heart desired? To have the romantic relationship of your dreams? To live every day as heaven on earth?


During our time together we call upon ancient wisdom to trade your old doubt filled ways for self-Love and acceptance.


 Are you ready to let your heart shine through every moment? Then join Arja for this heart-opening journey!


Just Imagine...

You feel full of warmth, joy, confidence and self Love. Your shoulders are relaxed, and your heart is open. Having gone through different profound exercises and meditations you feel an expansion of your being, a lightness, and even a bit high. You are feeling amazed how these deep practices take you to profound places inside of you.

As your eyes gently open you notice the energy in the room is serene, there is candlelight all around, the delicious smell of frankincense relaxes you even more, and as you look around you see that everyone seems to be connected with a deeper aspect of themselves.  

You feel how a big smile appears on your face. How incredible to feel all this Love radiating from within you. As you are stepping into your fullness you realize you do not ‘NEED’  someone else to feel Loved. You filled your own cup, and from there you are ready to share all of yourself! Feeling filled up from this space, you are sure that your next Lovemaking will be on a background of Love, sacredness, adoration, and devotion like you never experienced before.



What do you get out of this course?


What if I told you, that your Heart could be your portal to profound states of the mystical union? What if, it is really true that your Heart can serve as the gateway to experience deep states of ecstasy? Would you want to explore that?

If your answer is Yes, this workshop is made for you!

Tantra is often called the path of ecstasy, and Bhakti Yoga is an integral part of Tantra. During this workshop, you will explore the power of both!

Tantra, which often is termed Tantra Yoga, cannot be divorced from the inner essence of its own spiritual heart, from the experience of Bhakti, from the expression of spiritual love.

To become that love is the goal of the love-intoxicated path of Tantra and during our time together you will learn, explore and practice different tools how the sexual energy can be used to transforms your lovemaking into a profound act of devotion.

You will be blown open to this path of tantric love, the path that leads you to experience the union of Shiva & Shakti in your own heart, and perhaps, to the realization that the Divine can be expressed anywhere.




In this Workshop you will Learn to:

The importance of the Heart in Tantric Lovemaking

♥ How to connect with the depth of Self-Love

Explore and expand the depth, Intimacy, and pleasure you can give and receive

How to transform lust into Love


Tools how to channel sexual energy into the Heart

How Love manifests on the different chakras

The power of prayer

True nature of Love


***You can come by yourself or with a partner, the choice is yours!


Curious what other say?

People who joined before you, sharing their experience with Arja


The Journey of this workshop

This workshop will guide you to the depth of the Heart in the most profound ways. During our time together you will get an understanding of the differences between romantic and true Love. You will explore what it means to Love, without getting lost in attachments, insecurities, and fears. In this workshop, you will learn how every sexual desire is rooted in the Heart, and a longing to unite with something that goes far beyond your personal self.

Our time together will set the tone for profound transformations. And these transformations aren’t simply “out of this world,” you’ll take your new consciousness, fresh perspectives and ability to shift your thoughts and emotions back home and see major results in your home life, relationships, health, and Love life!  Plus this course is an amazing time to nurture YOU. I know how much you give to others!

Just imagine how it would feel to be free of your past, of any fear, and to have the freedom to simply be happy and in Love for no reason and every reason at the same time! Picture your radiance with a foundation like this and you will be able to express sacred sexuality on a level that touches the depth of your Soul.

On our last evening, we bring it all together. No tantric workshop would be complete without a final tantric ritual. Be prepared to call upon your devotion and let your energy merge in the seat of the Heart itself.


By the end of this workshop, you will walk away with the magnificent feeling that the way you related to sexuality will never be quite the same..


So if you are ready to go on a secret journey to discover where love shifts from the mind to the heart, from person to presence & from personal to universal, sign up here:


This workshop is totally for you if:

  • You are excited to dive deeper in the Heart, and learn what that actually means.

  • You hunger to explore Tantra in ways that are indulgent, fun — maybe even a bit naughty — and also transformational.

  • You would Love to move from living in your head to living in your heart

  • You are yearning for a profound connection with yourself and the sacredness of sex

  • You are open to all spiritual traditions and believe in honoring the divine energy.

  • You are ready to authentically and uniquely manifest your fullest life

  • And..... you are both excited and nervous about this workshop!


This workshop is not for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to take a leap of faith.

  • You don’t care about expanding your ability to manifest  Love, connection and intimacy.

  • You don’t want to do your own inner work and overcome your own beliefs.

  • You take more than you give.

  • You’re attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success

  • Spiritual exploration, personal growth, and major breakthroughs bore you

  • You aren’t willing to laugh, cry, hug – and get a little dusty dirty.


What's Included?

2 solid days of Tantric teachings
A sacred space filled with love, compassion, respect, and connection
Profound theoretical knowledge, interactive discussions, and transformative exercises
A beautiful group setting with mind-liked people 
A magic closing ritual


What is not included?

Food, accommodation, and transportation to the venue


Next Dates:


March 31st - April 1st, 2019
Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand





My promise to You


After 7 years of traveling the world completely by myself, I couldn’t do anything else than devote my life to the tantric path. I have been greatly inspired while living in tantric communities and study with the foremost spiritual leaders and teachers. Only after I discovered the importance of yoga and meditation and its integration with tantra, I begin the long, slow road to discover the magic that is hidden in this world. I went almost broke,  spending so much of my finances on the most profound tantra initiations and different tantra, yoga, and meditation teacher training programs, learning the entire background of the tantra yoga system. I have spent over 100 days meditating in silence, connecting with the depth of the Heart, while also struggling with all the hesitations of the mind.


My intensive and comprehensive study,  self-practice, research, and personal experiences are all combined to create the most valuable, life-changing and transformational workshops and retreats for you. sexual life you always wanted.  


I guarantee that every course is put together with the most Love, care, passion, and enthusiasm that will not only change your life forever…


You will have the practical tools you need to expand your mind, open your heart, have more freedom and have the sexual life you always wanted.



Arja's Approach

For Events, Workshops, Retreats or Festivals

The teachings Arja passes on are mainly based upon non-dual (advaita) Tantra, inspired by Kashmiri Shaivism, Kaula Tantra and influenced by various other traditions and teachers around the world. Arja’s sessions are infused with her own understanding, transformation, and experiences on the tantric path, offering you an authentic and down-to-earth transmission. In each course, you will gain profound theoretic knowledge to deepen your understanding of tantra as well as practical and transformative exercises to embody your new perspectives. Arja’s intention is to teach from the traditional tantric perspective while centering it around the Yoga of the Heart. The teachings are adapted to a modern approach while still preserving the mystique, richness, and essence of the ancient tradition. Tantra belongs to the Yoga tradition and is an all-embracing life philosophy that will help you to integrate the physical, external everyday life with the subtle, internal longing for the Truth, meaning and connection.

Come dance with me,


let's burn into this song.


Let's have something to show the Gods,


the furious glow of human Love.

-Luciano Armani 


Experiences from Real People

Sophia, Brazil

Anne-Monique, Netherlands

"The workshop was so creative, always surprising and different, and most important thought with so much Love, honesty, purity, and wisdom. The exercises were giving me a profound change and deep experiences. Arja is such an inspiring teacher, you can see the Love in her eyes when she is teaching."


Reubi, Germany

"An amazing exploration of ALIVE spirituality." 


Daniel, Austria

"It was so heart opening and a wonderful experience. I cannot say it in words, there was only a space of Love. It was the best way for me to go deeper into the tantric way. Thanks a lot for the time together." 


Tanja, Austria

"I was afraid; I was not sure what would happen, but my curiosity was (lucky me!) big enough to make the workshop. I opened my heart to strangers and if anyone would have told me before, I wouldn't have believed it!
- Nadja, Austria"


Nadja, Austria

"The workshop was heart opening, mind-opening and foremost spirit revealing. I am deeply touched."


Sjors, Netherlands