The Sexual Initiatiatress
Unlock your sexuality and feel a deeper connection with yourself as a woman
8-week live group training for powerful women

The sexual initiatress training has been featured in


This training is your initiation into tantric sexuality so that you can turn to that sexy, feminine part of yourself who feels confident & empowered to unleash the sex goddess that you already have within.  

Training starts October 11th 2021
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Are you a power woman,
who wants to get out of her mind, and into her body to reconnect with your pleasure & feminine side?


Are you a high vibe woman,
who wants to get out of her mind, into your body and reconnect with your sexual power and fierce feminine side?


There are moments where you feel so sexy and turned on you can’t stop yourself,
you can’t keep your hands off your own body. 

But on the flip side, there are also moments where you feel completely insecure, you find yourself hiding the sexual side of you and when your partner comes into the bed you are often doing it for him.

You would love to be this sexual magnetic tantric and confident woman who is fully in touch with her sexuality knows what brings her pleasure, and doesn't feel clueless when it comes to sacred sex.

You have done a good amount of your personal work and this is the missing piece. You are drawn to Tantra, want to learn more and desire to know HOW to embody this sexually awakened and free woman inside of yourself.


...The thing is, you are afraid it gets awkward.

Your head gets in the way, insecurities come up and you are worried to look stupid instead of sexy.


Even in the bedroom, you judge and criticise yourself & doubting many things.....


"Is this normal?"
“Am I taking too long?”
“Am I ever going to come?”
“Do I look weird?”

“Am I doing it right?”

It's pretty frustrating isn't it?


Do you wonder why some women feel incredibly confident, look radiant, & don't shy away from expressing their sexuality?  

And for yourself, maybe it's a struggle to embrace these things. To feel like a confident & sexual woman.

These bold and confident women are sexual initiatresses.

Just like the tantric goddesses they are named for, these women know how to connect with their sexuality, they feel confident in their body and draw a man close to them using their natural feminine power.

Men are so mesmerised by her radiant energy that they are doing everything to be intimate and close with her!


Does this sound like you?

You wish to feel more confident in bed, you enjoy sex but feel you are missing the tools, skills and knowledge to experience sex on a deeper level.


 Sex and self-worth are so tied together for you, you are ready to feel more connected with yourself and self-love instead of doubts, worries and fears.

  You are not in touch with your full pleasure but you’re ready to learn an easier way to feel turned on and experience deeper orgasms— ones that don't make you feel depleted or that there is something wrong with you.


  You are tired of experiencing disconnected, performance based lovemaking. You want to have sex in a way that feels deeply enjoyable, intimate and touches upon that sense of sacredness and you’ve waited for it long enough.

Why would you wait even longer?


In Tantra,  every woman is born to be an initiatress.

Once a girl is old enough, she gets initiated into the secret feminine practices to become a powerful and irresistible woman.

The good news is that every woman has access to this power, you just need the right guidance and tools.

This training will give you exactly that so you can discover the secrets to be as sexually awakened as a tantric initiatress.


It’s not your fault you are not living as a sexual initiatress. Powerful women are not given the worship and appreciation they desire.

1. We live in a society that doesn’t support women to own their beauty. Being confronted with "fake" ideal beauty images, we easily go into self-doubt about our own body. To break free from all the unhealthy stories and beliefs we were told we need to come together as women and shift how we relate to outer as well as inner beauty. 

2. Women have received a lot of negativity around being sexual, and this started as early as our teenage period! Unfortunately, slut-shaming wasn't only happening then, it still is and that makes it very challenging to feel as free as you like to be. This is where your inner work comes in, but you don't have to do it alone, you will be sensitively guided into complete acceptance of all that you are!

3. You didn’t receive a proper sexual education, at least not from a tantric point of view! Most likely, no one that told you how to have sex in a way it feels deeply pleasurable and intimate while having amazing orgasms at the same time, am I right? 

I get it, love, I have been there too.


Hi, I am Arja

When people first meet me nowadays, they believe I have always felt confident in my body. That I've always been super sexual and in touch with my own pleasure.

But they couldn't be more wrong!

In fact, I used to feel very ashamed in my own skin, of my body. I rarely felt orgasmic and I thought that feeling sore after sex was normal.


When I discovered Sexual Tantra, I found out how wrong I was! I discovered I could become

a sexual initiatress.

I started to be orgasmic, enjoy hours of lovemaking, and learned how to express myself sexually, exactly the way I wanted and needed!   

Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of women to radically transform their sex lives, have the intimate relationships of their dreams, and get in touch with their own sexuality so that they feel powerful and free in their own bodies. 

And now it's your turn.

The Sexual Initiatress 

This is the tantric sexuality training for powerful women who are ready to take responsibility for their pleasure and own their sexuality in all possible ways.

8-week live group training for high-vibe women.
Training starts on October 11

Live training calls happen on Wednesday's 8.30 PM Bali time.
That is morning for the US, afternoon for Europe, evening for Asia.

You will also learn from these guest-teachers

After being 8+ years in the Tantra world, my network is big and my contacts are many! I am inviting the best experts in the field as a guest teachers to bring even more magic and different perspectives to you! 


Justine Baruch

When Justine comes into our field, things will start to move really fast for you! Get ready to be blown away by her super sharp and clear advice, practical insights and super fun challenges to expand your ability to be a sexual initiatress. 

Amanda Biccum

If there is one woman who can inspire you to take action, it is Amanda. This woman is coming into our space to make everything more real, embodied, juicy and fun AF! Get ready to drop deep in your feminine body and enjoy the journey that Amanda's transmission will bring. 


Meet Amanda

"The sex with my partner is amazing again after the sexual initiatress training"

Amanda, business consultant, Uk

Here’s why the sexual initiatress training is going to be your favourite experience of this year.

  Where most sex-educators dive directly into the yoni, we are diving into your brain first. You will never experience the full freedom & sexual pleasure you want as long as your mind stays stuck in old patterns. In this training, you will learn a holistic view of sexuality so that you understand what works for YOU and stop struggling with the practices that don't work, and don't seem to bring you any changes. 

 You want to learn about sexuality, but you also love to dive deeper into Tantra. You are not in it just to receive more pleasure in your body, you want to learn the feminine tantric practices that will enable you to connect sex with your spirituality. This is where I got you girl, thanks to my years of study on the tantric path you are going to be initiated into tantric sexual practices. You'll leave the conscious sex scene far behind having tools to connect with sexuality in a way it feels more mystical more spiritual and so much more intimate.

  You might have done some courses where you have to do it all by yourself, and you wish to have more personal attention and guidance. That is where this training is different. You will be live on a call with me and the other beautiful women so you don't have the feeling you need to do this all alone.  PLUS you already know that the power of women doing this together is going to triple your results. 


Do you make love, sex and  intimacy  
a priority ?

This training is based upon 4 pillars

Pillar 1

Entering the Sexual Sanctuary

First, you are entering a sacred sexual sanctuary. ​
You are not alone. We will create a sacred sisterhood for the upcoming 8 weeks so that you feel supported every step of the way. 

We ALL carry deep wounds around sexuality, we didn’t grow up in a culture that was very supportive of being sexual.

As you start this training and step your sacred feet onto our sexual sanctuary, you will discover that sex is never going to be the same again. 


Pink Blossom

We'll Cover:

  • 4 Sexual Archetypes and practical tools to tap into yours.

  • How to be the CEO of your pleasure, body & orgasms.

  • Combining the masculine work environment with feminine power & softness, so that you get the most out of this training both in and outside of the bedroom. 

  • The connection between tantra & sexuality and how to work holistically so that you set yourself up for success.

Pink Flower

We'll Cover:

  • How your mind serves as the greatest sex organ and what you should (and should not!) do with it. 

  • The 3 finger exercise so that you have a fun, exciting and eye-opening way to look at sex for the rest of your life.

  • How to stop comparing yourself with other women so that you feel confident in who you are and what you do.

  • How to move from slut-shaming or being slut-shamed to recognising the sacred sex.

  • Moving through body-shame so that you feel confident in your own skin. 

Pillar 2

Re-programming your sexual story

Kick-off your journey with a profound inquiry into sexuality.

Now that you courageously stepped your feet into the holy land of sexuality, you will be inspired to shift your mindset, especially in relation to today’s world and how reclaiming your sexual nature will make you feel confident and powerful within yourself.

You will be guided to release any shame around being sexual, investigate your unhealthy beliefs regarding sex, and let go of negative thoughts that stop you from exploring your sexuality to its full potential.

By the end of your inquiry, you let your sexual being rise and overpower any lingering doubts around the sacredness of sex.

Pillar 3

Love, Power & Purpose

 This is where you are going to put all the focus on you. You start to deeply connect with your own body and give yourself permission to feel all of yourself. 

You will learn how to move deeper into listening and trusting the wisdom within so that you feel re-connected to your own power & purpose.

Working with sexuality can bring you to ecstatic bliss and deep love and it can also stir up some challenges. To connect you deeper to your own heart you will receive sacred rituals to do at home that will guide you into compassionate acceptance of all that you are!


We'll Cover:

  • Tantric practices that will make you all in love with your own body.

  • Full body mudras to connect more deeply with your sexual archetype - these are super powerful!

  • 4 different types of touch to nurture and love yourself, PLUS you can use them with your partner too.

  • Feminine rituals that will support you to drop deeper into your softness, so that you feel more connected to the woman within. 


We'll Cover:

  • Different forms of sexual arousal so that you can discover yours and stop having the feeling you are not ready. 

  • Female anatomy & curves of pleasure 

  • Practical exercises to tone your yoni for more pleasure (not tight!)

  • My 3-step method to be more orgasmic.

  • Erotic pleasure mapping so that you discover the pleasure potential of your body. 

Pillar 4

Tantric Pleasure Principles

This is where you receive NEW SEXUAL EDUCATION
- The tantric one!

So yes, this is where it gets juicy! 

You will get all the sexual education you never got and start to experience that your sexuality will open more fully.

Every sexual initiatress knows exactly what she likes and what leads her to orgasm and by the end of this pillar, so do you!

BONUS: feel how it ripples outward to all the other areas of your life so that you start to glow in a way everyone else will notice it! 

The tantric initiation

By the end of this program, you receive your initiation.
An immersion into your body, heart and soul.

This is where you come into your fullness. Your capacity to share love, pleasure and sexuality expand and you are ready to let the sexual initiatress shine through you. 

This is an awakening to your own femininity, the sacredness of your sexuality and to yourself as a woman.

This part is the most sacred of all, the most mysterious, where you will initiate yourself into the sexiest, most powerful, most free and empowered version of yourself. .

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Tantric Ritual & Empowerment


Meet Joni

"Arja is an amazing teacher and does such important work to feel deeply connected as a woman. It was life-changing for me to do the sexual initiatress training with her."

I have helped hundreds of women to stop holding themselves back sexually.

I have created the exact 4-step program, based on tantric wisdom mixed with modern sexology that is so unique,
it has the power to completely transform your sex life. 

not for a few weeks
not for some months 

For the rest of your life.

Yes, I helped hundreds of women!

  • Even if they never experienced deep orgasms before. 

  • Even when they felt insecure about their intimate parts. 

  • Even when their sex & intimate life was a complete mess.

  • Even when things with their partner didn't go well.


There are practical tools and techniques to help you feel sexually open, confident and free. 

You just need the right guidance, that's what I am here for. 

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Are you ready to claim your sexual initiatress power, and be so radiant that your partner will fall in love with you even more deeply? 

In this training, I will teach you the tantric tools & feminine practices that work on a deep level and shifts your ordinary thinking and behaviour.


This will impact and transform your love, sex, and relationship drastically.

Your partner (or any man!) will feel the shift in your vibe. 

He will feel your new confidence, power & softness.

You become irresistible and know exactly what to do to draw him closer to you.

You will also learn:  

New Yoni Logo.png

What exact qualities those "other women" have that enable them to feel confident and sexy plus learn how you can get the same qualities so you stop holding yourself back sexually.

How you have been suppressing yourself and missing out on having intimate experiences due to incorrect sexual education. You will learn how you can shift your mindset and free yourself from sexual shame, guilt and inhibitions! 

New Yoni Logo.png
New Yoni Logo.png

How to feel comfortable “in your own skin.” This includes learning how to stop comparing yourself to other women and start feeling radiantly sexy. Most important – HIS reaction will amaze you!

Why you are not having as much pleasure as you could, and how you can start to feel more pleasure & orgasms before the program ends! The best part is, once you start to open up, you will have more pleasure than ever, not just now,
for the rest of your life!

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Meet Alexandra

"I could hardly feel any desire for sex anymore. Now I am finally enjoying to touch myself and love myself. I am able to let go more easily and enjoy sex!"

Alexandra, Project Manager, Germany

When you become a sexual initiatress you will receive

Premium Package - All Included:

Eight 120-min Sexual Initiatress Training Calls, to feel empowered in your sexuality, more connected with your body and blossom in your femininity.
Value: €5000

Weekly Sexy Videos For each module. Good thing is, these are pre-recorded videos so all this juicy extra content doesn’t take precious time away from our live calls and you can learn more any time your heart desires, just log in and go!
Value: €1100

Powerful Yoni Ritual to drop you right into your feminine and make you ready to receive pleasure in abundance! Women said that this ritual alone is worth the entire experience of the course!
Value: €300


Secret bonus masterclasses from expert guest teachers. Yes, my network is big and my contacts are many! I will get you the best guest teachers in the field to bring in more magic for you. 
Value €1450


Pre-recorded meditations & follow-along feminine practices so that you can drop in your body and you any time you wish. You will enjoy these long after the program has finished!
Value €500


Weekly training materials with step-by-step exercises, instructions & inspiration to be more in touch with your body, and learn how to express your sensuality in a natural way
Value €500

Weekly Sister Exercises to make it powerful and real. These are one of the most powerful moments of the  where you get to practice all you are learning with another woman in the course.
Value: $Priceless

Ongoing Support in our Private Community Group. This extra support will help you to keep moving forward and don't fall back into old patterns every step of the way!
Value: $Priceless 


On top of that, you get 1-Year access to all training material so that you don't have to rush anything and can come back to each part on your own pace. 


The total value for having amazing sexually awakened liberated sex for the rest of your life and living as this radiant woman is €9500


But when you join now, the cost for the current round is:

Pay in full: €2222

or 4 x €580

Transformation interview with Joni after the sexual intiatress training:

Her biggest transformations:

  • Feeling from being like a bird in a cage to feeling completely free and shameless when it comes to expressing her sexuality.

  • Feeling that she was suppressing and hiding a big part of herself to finally feeling complete with herself as a woman

  • She moved from being a lot in her masculine to naturally going into her feminine, she feels more soft, more open and much more connected to herself as a woman. 

  • She moved from not feeling comfortable in her body to feeling sexy and confident to show herself fully to her partner.

  • She moved from being in her head and not feeling many sensations during lovemaking to being fully present enjoy her intimate moments and FEEL the pleasure so much more deeply.

  • Her libido increased insanely!

Transformation interview with Laura after the sexual initiatress training

"This was such an important investment for the relationship with both my partner and myself. I realised how much I missed out on the sensual and intimate connection with myself as a woman.”

Laura got so much awareness in her body and now feels deeply connected to herself, She realised there was so much she didn't know when it came to sexuality. Laura become more playful in the bedroom and stepped into the energy of being the initiatress in such a feminine and connecting way that her relationship with her partner moved from feeling stuck and disconnected to intimate and passionate.


Transformation interview with Kamela after the sexual initiatress training

The training with Arja was the greatest gift to myself.
I am so happy I did this and decided for myself I was worth it.”


Kamala wasn’t connected to her sensuality of sexuality and felt much more comfortable in her masculine than her feminine side.

She moved from struggling with beauty and aging to feeling absolutely beautiful, connected with her body and re-awakening her sensuality and sexuality in a completely new way!


More testimonials from power women

Amanda wanted to have more lovemaking in her relationship and used this training to transform her relationship and have amazing sex with her partner again. 

Lexi used this training for her sexual transformation. She feels more confident and now experiences heart-centred lovemaking with her partner. Plus, she developed more sensations in her Yoni than ever before. 

Chantal didn't feel so confident in her body and had difficulties communicating in the bedroom. She used this training to boost her self-esteem, fell in love with her body and now puts her boundaries with confidence. 


You also get these bonuses to make you feel like a tantric sex goddess even faster.

Bonus 1

Value: €150

Value: $150

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 12.46.57.png
Boundaries 101

A Sexual Initiatres is so confident in her secret power, that a man wouldn’t dare to take a chance of crossing her boundaries or disrespecting her. He actually wants more of her.

When your self-esteem is high and your options are many – your boundaries grow stronger as a result. That means you refuse to put up with any kind of disrespectful or bad behaviour from a man.

In this guide, you will learn how to confidently state your boundaries without closing off your softness - or create distance between you.

Bonus 2

Value: €150

A sexual initiatress has her magic toolkit, and one of that is conscious communication. In this masterclass, you will learn how to say the exact words he needs to hear to understand you and support you on your journey to become a sexy initiatress! 
No need to be afraid that he doesn’t want to do this with you, or won’t be supportive of your choices.

You will get the EXACT script that works in any situation, and turn it into a WIN-WIN situation for both you & your partner. 
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 13.16.22.png
Pleasure Revolution

Bonus 3

Value: €300

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 13.31.31.JPG
Let's make it extra juicy shall we?

I know that you love doing your own inner work, and you also love to have a shared journey with your partner. Something that doesn't make you feel like you are doing all the work and he is not really part of it. 

I got you covered babe!

You get access to a super beautiful and intimate ritual for couples so that you and your partner can go deeper together and he can be part of your journey every step of the way. 
Tantric Ritual
for Couples

These women share the long-term results after working with Arja

Seriana did multiple courses with me and reached out 2 years later about how my programs were a turning point in her life. Seriana shares how she moved from a very insecure girl to a strong and powerful woman thanks to the tantric teachings in my training. 

Rose & I caught up 3 years after working together and she told me how BIG of an impact my training made. "Our sex life only got better and better thanks to Arja!"

Demelza contacted me recently and wrote to me how much a course she did 2 years was still benefited her sex & relationship till today.  I was so touched by her story and asked for a testimonial sharing the long-lasting impact up until today.

New Yoni Logo.png

When you become a VIP
sexual initiatress you will receive


VIP Package - All included:

3 x Private 1:1 with Arja to triple your results!
Get personalised exercises and unique tools to apply to YOUR intimate life.
Value: €2500

Bi-weekly WhatsApp support to get extra attention every step of the way.
Value: €500

Your personal Yoni meditation so that your Yoni can blossom before everyone else.
Bonus: Orgasm Masterclass. Get the secret tools to experience your first orgasm fast!
Value: 150

Eight 120-min Sexual Initiatress Training Calls, to feel empowered in your sexuality, more connected with your body and blossom in your femininity.
Value 5000

Weekly Sexy Videos For each module. Good thing is, these are pre-recorded videos so all this juicy extra content doesn’t take precious time away from our live calls and you can learn more any time your heart desires, just log-in and go!

Powerful Yoni Ritual to drop you right into your feminine and make you ready to receive pleasure in abundance!

Secret bonus masterclasses from expert guest teachers. Yes, my network is big and my contacts are many! I will get you the best guest teachers in the field to bring in more magic for you. 

Pre-recorded meditations & follow-along feminine practices so that you can drop in your body and you any time you wish. You will enjoy these long after the program has finished!

Weekly Training Booklets with step-by-step exercises, instructions & inspiration to be more in touch with your body, and learn how to express your sensuality in a natural way.

Weekly Sister Exercises to make it powerful and real. These are one of the most powerful moments of the course where you get to practice all you are learning with another woman in the course.

Ongoing Support in our Private Community Group. This extra support will help you to keep moving forward and don't fall back into old patterns every step of the way! 

3 x power bonuses; the sexual initiatress love script to know the EXACT words to bring your partner closer. The crash course for couples to follow with your partner and your boundaries 101 guide to learn how to state your boundaries without killing the mood. 

Become a VIP and get €12.350 value for:

Pay in Full €5500

"After working with 1:1 with Arja I feel very multi-orgasmic, very connected to my body, desiring of sex and more deeply connected to my spiritual practice."

Elaina used to rather work and make money than having sex. Being focussed on her passionate career she got caught up in her head and didn’t feel connected with her pleasure and turn on. After awakening her sexuality, she started to enjoy sex, became orgasmic and both her intimate life as well as her business started to thrive. 

Elaina Ray, Business Coach, US

Frequently Asked Questions

New Yoni Logo.png

I don't have a partner at the moment can I still join the course?
Yes, you can!


A big part of this course is all about working on yourself first and only then bringing it into the bedroom. For every exercise I give examples of what to do for singles & women with a partner, so you can do the singles now and save the partner one for later!


I am already enjoying my sex life, will this course still be of value to me?
For sure! Before I started with any type of sexual Tantra I also considered my sex-life to be pretty good, and then I discovered a whole new layer of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole other side of my sexuality I didn't even know I had! So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper, and when you awaken the initiatress inside of you, she will absolutely take you there!


When does the training start?
The training opens on October 11th, the first group call will be on October 13th. 

When are the live training sessions? 

Live training sessions will happen on Wednesdays.
Morning time for the US, afternoon for Europe, evening for Asia. 

Are replay's available if I can't join live?
Yes, they will be online within 24-48H.


Will I learn more about Tantra in this course?

Absolutely! I have done extensive tantric training and accumulated pearls of wisdom over the last years that you will learn about in this course. My whole approach and teaching style is based upon the essence of the tantric teachings. You will learn more about Tantra than you can google online!

I am a man can I do this course?
This course is for women only, you will get all the juice of it when the initiatress enters your bedroom ;)

What is your refund policy?
All purchases are final and non-refundable. 


Have a question or want to see if this is the right program for you? Send me a message on Instagram and let's chat!