A Sense of Hope

“You have given me a sense of hope, doctors can’t tell me anything about my problems and I thought it was normal to have such burning sensations after lovemaking. After coming across your you tube channel I realise how much my partner and I rush in the bedroom. We really need to change something if we want to have healthy sex”

This is one of the many messages women send me.

The biggest mistakes most women make, is that they don’t realise the impact of unhealthy lovemaking on their wellbeing.

Not just physically, also mentally & emotionally.

This is why I only work holistically.

We can’t only dive into the genitals and think we can “fix” things there.

The feminine body is complex, it needs to be cared for with love, respect, and nurturing energy.

If you think that there is something wrong with you,

If doctors told you they don’t know the problem,

It’s because they don’t look holistically.

This is where my work is different, and this is why so many women get hope again after coming across my content ♥️.


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