Are You a Selfish Lover?

Updated: May 10

Are you a selfish lover?

While our bedroom experiences are not to please or serve each other, wanting your experience to be pleasurable isn’t selfish.

It’s to have fun, feel connected and experience intimate moments together, which includes your enjoyment as well.

What makes you a selfish lover is based on your thoughts and actions.

Are you keeping them to yourself and leaving your partner guessing your needs?

That is actually selfish.

What about communicating what you like in the bedroom in a way that is juicy & fun so that both of you enjoy your pleasure?


I absolutely LOVE talking about this, and here is one golden tip that I'd love to give you when it comes to speaking to what you need and want.

See your communication as a gift to the other, here are 3 reasons why:

  1. You don't leave your partner clueless about what you want unless they can read your mind.

  2. Most men love to serve, you telling them what to do can be really sexy and turn them on (if you do it in the right way).

  3. You don't only put yourself in a place of empowerment, you also show your vulnerability. Speaking up for what you want in bed can be scary and difficult, by doing so, you show that you trust your partner, and that trust will be greatly appreciated!

There are so many ways to communicate in bed and I have to be honest, knowing HOW to do this can make all the difference between spicing the space up, or killing the mood.

Want to know how to express yourself freely from a place of feminine softness while also adding some naughty vibes?

I am dedicating a special course on exactly this!

And it will be released in April.


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