Better Boundaries

How long have you known that you should have better boundaries?

Or wrestled with the awareness that you could speak up for yourself more?

Or known you need to give up being a people pleaser and stop putting yourself & your desires aside?

Until your ways of selling yourself short catch up with you, and realise how much you are doing things for him;

  • you will keep devaluing yourself

  • you won’t honour your needs & desires

  • you miss out on the beautiful bedroom experiences you deserve to have.

What’s unhealthy about putting your partners needs first, and placing their feelings and needs before your own while not speaking up for yourself - afraid to upset him?

You keep yourself small, you forget about yourself, and you built resentment, to him and to yourself.

Maybe you haven’t realised that these moments in the bedroom where you don’t say anything when things don’t feel so great have roots so deep, but they do.

If you recognise that this is a pattern in the bedroom and you feel it’s time to reclaim your rights, to be supported, to have a (sexy) voice, to take up space and to be heard in your sensual and intimate desires, let’s do something about it!

🔥 I believe that our relationships are so much stronger and deeper when open and honest communication is there.

When we feel confident and comfortable to speak up about our most hidden desires needs likes and dislikes it gives a sense of freedom.

Free to be me.

When we don’t have to worry how our partner is going to take it because both are rooted in a strong sense of self and love, the bedroom feels like such a different place.

What do you think?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place when we feel safe enough to share the things that feel scary and vulnerable to us?


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