Big Announcement for Men!

I have been asked by so many of you to offer 1:1 teachings.

And the good news is..... I decided to open 3 spots for highly motivated men that want to have a series of 3 private masterclasses with me.

Men, women are craving to be in bed with a man who can deeply fulfill them.

I just concluded my 8 week training for women and during the final sharing something happened that inspired me even more to make this offer;

One of the women was in tears, expressing how this training has transformed her life, and how much she wished for men to know all what she just learned about herself, so that they can give other women these amazing experiences too -

Men, this is exactly what these 1:1 intensives are about.

You will be introduced into a whole new world. The world of the feminine that is the opposite of what adult orientated sites or the populair media shows us.

What is shown there, doesn’t work for women.

It might work for men, because it’s a very male orientated view and approach to our bedroom times, but you will never be able to fully satisfy her if you blindly follow what the media has served you for years.

There is a shift that is happening.

Women are claiming their power in bed and they want to be with a man who can hold that power.

If you wan to be that man, this opportunity is for you.

If you are ready to blend the old ways of doing with the new way of masculine power you will leave the ordinary ways of making love far far behind.

So listen, this is for you if:

  • You are a man that knows his way around in bed AND you know there is so much more to explore that nobody ever taught you (or any men out there).

  • You desire more and now you are ready to discover the secrets of the feminine.

  • You want to master the skills to go into advanced lovemaking so that you can step into your full potential and the best part is that HER reaction will amaze you.

  • You are fascinated by the feminine and you want to understand her deeply, especially everything down there and inside out and around and... well yes EVERYTHING.

My private intensive for men are a series of three 1:1 masterclasses where you learn the inside tips (literally) related to women and you get access to information that only a few men on this planet have.

These are the type of men who give women bedroom experiences that most women only dream of.

You can be that man.


I am opening 3 spots for men to work 1:1 with me and this is by application only.