Tantra & Bhakti: the alchemical fuel to Love Divinely.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We are attracted to inspiring art, romantic sex, beautiful music and poetry. Bees are attracted to pollen, the sun has a romantic relationship with the moon and the mystical poets such as Hafiz and Rumi are insanely attracted to the Divine. 

Bhakti, the Yoga of Divine love, is the most fundamental aspect on your tantric journey, that will make the impossible, possible. It is the energy of Bhakti that will bring you to elevated states of consciousness and connects you with the deepest intimacy you have ever experienced. 

Bhakti is a very beautiful way to show love for the Divine. Because we are infinite, our Hearts can reveal countless expressions of Love. Within the attitude of Bhakti, Love is seen as the 1) the means, 2) the path and 3) the aim of Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti, an integral part of Tantra

Tantra is often referred to as the path of ecstasy and Bhakti Yoga is an integral part of Tantra. Tantra is not a religion, nor any other kind of belief system or dogmatic practice, tantra is a spiritual practice, a way of life, representing the universal longing for truth within and beyond the manifested worlds. 

Tantra cannot be separated from the inner essence of its own spiritual heart, from the experience of Bhakti, from the expression of spiritual love. This focus on passionate love is integral to tantra as it turns desire and attachments which are in the way for spiritual liberation into an alchemical fuel for love and the transformation of spirit by worshipping all as God. 

Mutual Love - the seeker is the one sought

The Sanskrit term Bhakti is translated as devotion, and often understood as the human devotion for the Divine. We think we are the seeker, and our Love is the way to search for the Beloved, but the term Bhakti, refers more to a mutual Love, it is the intimacy of the Love that is shared, not in a personal way, but the sharing of Divine Love, which is filled with divine sweetness and mystery and is ultimately pointing back to the essence of who you really are, the beloved itself. 

With bhakti you can go so deep in love, that it transforms into love itself. Tantric love is about creating spiritual oneness and union. Tantra is about feeling connected to the spiritual essence of the universe. To become love is the goal of the love-intoxicated path of Tantra.

How to practice Bhakti?

There are hundreds of ways to connect with this divine longing, and one of the most powerful ways for me is to connect with deep prayer, reverence and worship during Lovemaking, and... I will write more on that later! For now I like to give 3 of my favourite ways to connect with Bhakti Yoga so you can first start to deepen that connecting by yourself.

1) Read sacred Poetry. My heart fills itself with an inner joy while reading the inspiring poetry from the Mystics. Among my favourite poets are Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Kahlil Gibran, Rabia and St. Francis of Assisi. An amazing book where many of them come together is called “Love poems from God” by Daniel Ladinsky.

2) Chanting Bhajans. Disco music arouses emotional vibrations, listening to romantic songs evokes the mood between lovers and singing and listening to Bhajans works the same way. It is said that you can cross the ocean of samsara by chanting the names of the Gods. Chanting bhajans is mostly done with sanskrit mantras, which are sacred words that have the power to change your life completely. When you chant in bhajans you can forget everything else and become absorbed in the devotion of the chanting.

3) Listen to Satsang. The glory of sating is endless! And for me satangs are super inspirational. Satsangs are inspirational talks from a sat or a guru, or in a group meeting seeking that association. To get the complete transmission of the satsang it’s best to attend a satsang in person but if you are not planning on travelling soon and you don’t see any guru’s listing your area you can also go to the world wide web and find endless offerings of Satsangs! Among my favourite teachers (also to be found online!) are Mooji, Sadhguru, Prembaba, Eckhart Tolle and Amma.  

These are just 3 tips to start with and I encourage to see where you find your passion. What is it that inspires you? What is it that lights your heart, how do you connect with that mystical longing budding in your heart?


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