Distractions in the Bedroom

Updated: May 6

Our brain gets stimulated in so many different ways.

So when we get to the bedroom, it’s not so easy to suddenly let the brain focus on just one thing, while remaining present the entire time.

What are the things that distract you while being in the bedroom?

Creating new habits to become more present will greatly affect the amount of pleasure and connection you feel.

So here are my top 3 tips to stop feeling distracted.

Tip 1 - Let’s do it the easy way and get all distractions out of the way before making love!

My client just did this one simple thing.

I asked her what was most distracting while making love, and it turned out to be the dogs. They are making sounds, scratching and sometimes even staring at their faces, so getting the dogs out in the morning was one simple change they made and it immediately affected how much she could enjoy in bed!

Tip 2 - Practice mindful breathing

I consider meditation as one of the most beneficial practices to improve your intimate life. Before being intimate, practice breathing deeply and focus on the energy going through

your body. Visualize the electricity flowing within you and direct it in places that are most pleasurable for you.

Tip 3 - Adjust your expectations

If you already expect that distractions will occur, then you won’t really be that surprised by them and are more likely to laugh it off and stay present at the moment.

Yes, I am all about bringing more playfulness in the bedroom, what is one way you bring more playfulness in bed?


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