How to Talk to a Man

Updated: May 10

“Can we use your power to lift this heavy chair?”

- I ask him.

His eyes lit up, a cheeky smile follows.

“Wow, you know how to talk to a man.”

- He says.

Would you love to get that response, when asking for a favour?

Communication is an art, and when you practice it outside the bedroom, it will be easier for you to express yourself inside too.

You can say the exact same thing, with different words, that are not going to be received so well.

It won’t get him to jump up right away and get the job done before you can blink your eyes. (Yes, that is what literally happened)

There is such a big difference when it comes to expressing ourselves the masculine or feminine way.

One will feel annoying to both of you, the other will lit your hearts up - YES, I love communicating the feminine way!

PLUS, when you start doing this is, HIS response will amaze you.

Its like DIRECT results.


It can transform your whole experience together.

And the more you practice this outside the bedroom, the easier it will feel for you to speak up in a feminine way inside as well.

And again, HIS reaction will amaze you!

  • No more mood-killers or disconnected moments.

  • No more holding back because you are afraid to speak up.

  • No more worries how he’s going to take it.

Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

For me, this changed everything.

It made me feel so comfortable, so free, and so empowered.

What about you?

Would you love to have the skills, the know-how, the tools to use this every-single-day?


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