I am not a Coach.

I am not a coach.

I don’t sit and just listen or a ask a few questions so that you come to your own reflections.

I am an expert in tantric sexuality and I -teach- my clients, I don’t “coach”.

I teach everything about all the mysteries you have been wondering about.

The secrets.

The taboos.

The things nobody tells you.

You learn about the practicalities the what, the way and especially the HOW.

I believe that is exactly what sets my work apart.

I give super practical, down to earth, non fluff, and especially not woo-woo tools & practices so that my clients have a super juicy toolbox to work with for the rest of their lives.

One of the most common responses I hear when people work with me is: “I wish I learned this years ago”.

I have clients aging from their early 20’s to late 60’s, and wherever you are, it’s never to late to start.


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