Initiating the Feminine Way

Updated: May 10

What do you want to do? He asks.

“I want to make love with you,” I respond as I keep my gaze steadily at his eyes and watch how his body responds.

It looks like he didn’t expect that answer, (he was talking about planning our day) but it clearly turns him on.

With a playful gaze I invite him into the bed, I turn my already naked body to his ( it is morning and I didn’t get dressed yet) and point to the side of my ribs...

“I love for you to lick me from here down... slowly...”

Before I can say more he’s already on it, kissing the sides of my body passionately down towards my most sacred part..

I don’t feel ready to be touched down there yet, so before he gets there, I turn my body so that I expose my other side...

Without having to say a word, he gets my message, and licks me as passionately from my ribs down to my inner tights and only when I am ready, he melts his lips with mine, down there.

Yes, I love asking for what I want in bed and no this didn’t come natural for me.

It is something I had to learn.

I used to feel scarred to kill the mood or worry that he would take it the wrong way.

Until I learned that it’s now about what to say or do, but about HOW.

Now I have so many different ways to express my desires, my wants and needs in bed.

I do this in a way it doesn’t only give me the pleasure I love to have, it makes our intimacy and connection more juicy, sexy and alive.

Because these tools work so well and helped me to feel confident to express what I want (and don’t want ) I decided to give away my secret tips and do a course on exactly this topic.

I am filming it at the moment and it will come out soon! So keep your eyes out for my next posts


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