Mindreading in Bed

Don’t expect your partner to mindread in bed.

A sensually empowered woman doesn’t expect her partner to know what she wants and how she wants it, even after she expressed herself in previous times.

She doesn’t get upset or feel disappointed when it doesn’t feel so good or when he again, went too deep, too fast.

An empowered woman in bed, doesn’t assume,

she takes responsibility of her own pleasure and allows herself to be seen.

She initiates her partner and shows what she likes.

She expresses her desires and communicates clearly what makes her feel seen, what makes her feel loved, what brings her pleasure, and what she needs in order to go more deeply together.

She does this effortlessly.

She doesn’t sacrifice or act like she enjoys.

She doesn’t hold back or only shows the best bedroom version of herself in order to please him.

She shows all of herself, she makes it a habit to communicate her needs, sets her boundaries and expresses herself so that her partner doesn’t need to guess.

When she shows up in this way,

She creates a strong and solid foundation for a deeply enjoyable, intimate, pleasurable, connecting and even sacred lovemaking, not just for a few times, no, for years to come.

I strongly believe that our ability to express ourselves and communicate in bed is one of fundamental aspects of creating the intimacy you dream of.

This is why I created a course that focusses on exactly that.


It’s one of my courses that you can take fully in your own time and gives you super practical tools to embody the power of communication effortlessly in the bedroom.


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