Mystical Poetry

Updated: Aug 17

This morning I woke up feeling so inspired to read mystical poetry.

I love taking one of my books from Rumi or Hafiz and read to myself out loud.

Hearing my voice reside the sacred words that praise the love of God I feel inside.

That, fills my heart with a warm and intense sensation which makes my chest expand and feel how “I”become bigger than my physical self, in this esoteric space.

It is a special feeling, a deep love that only my devotion to the sacred can create.

It’s a love, that nothing in this sacred place of existence can meet.

It’s the love for love, bhakti, the love inside of me, the love for god as me.

When life falls apart, it is this love that keeps me going for more.

It is this subtle yet divine longing that always remains as the source of my being, the essence of existence, the love that loves the mystery of who we really are.

To give you one of my morning delights, here is one of the favourites of today:


They are always kissing,

they can’t control themselves.

It is not possible

that any creature can have greater instincts

and perceptions than the

mature human mind.

God ripened me.

So I see it is true :

all objects in existence are

wildly in


Picture: Dean Raphael


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