Read Poetry to Your Beloved

I often get asked how to make the lovemaking more tantric.

How to make it more spiritual.

How to get out of the old ways of doing.

How to stop the routine.

How to elevate the sensual energy to a space of the heart where it feels more connected more intimate and also more sacred.

One of the ways I love to fuse the energy of spirit with the energy of eros is by voicing the sacred words of poetry during the act of love.

It brings a shift of energy.

It opens my heart naturally and it places my entire being in resonance with something so much bigger.

Adding poetry in the bedroom is a turn on on another level for me, and I feel the desire to share more of that with you.

So I would love your opinion on a new creative idea I have that I got this morning after my meditation.

It got to me when I softly opened my eyes.

I felt this spark, this creative impulse to create a new IG account, where I will share my favourite quotes and poetry that sparks my own eros and elevates the lovemaking.

You will have a place to go for inspiration & daily quotes that can fuel your passion and your heart, delivered in a beautiful inspiring form of art.


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