Total Surrender

In total surrender, give all of yourself, to him. Let him devour you, take you, ravish you, lead you to a place where new portals open, And no mind exists. The deepest gift of the feminine is her ability to receive. To receive his touch. His tongue. His words of adoration. His full presence. His devotion to please you. In my work I notice how difficult it is for women to fully let go, relax and deeply enjoy the lovemaking because the mind is so active thinking about too many things “AmI taking too long?” “Is this normal?” “Am even gonna come?” These are all distractions of the mind that keep you from deeply feeling into your body. When you are able to fully let go and surrender into the moment, the mind clears up and moves into states of eros that go far beyond the physical sensations of ordinary lovemaking. You start to feel all of yourself, beyond yourself. These are states of pleasure that can be experienced when we allow ourselves to go into deep meditation, in the heat of the moment. Yes, when he is right there between my legs, going down on me. I meditate. I feel. I pray. Its not your average meditation that you do in your 10-day silent retreat. It’s a tantric meditation that I teach my private clients. It takes you to a state of pleasure where your body pulsates with each expansion of your erotic energetic field. And one of the best things of this all? You give him the most precious gift he can ever wish for; your deepest, most orgasmic, most intimate, most real and most sacred parts of your sexual self. And this is possible for you too. I am soon opening up private training spots for advanced women who already feel connected to their sexuality but want to know more, go deeper and be guided by an expert to take them there.


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