Turning 34

Turning 34. It turned me.

On this day where I turned 34,I met the powerful woman inside of me, who is full of excitement, enthusiasm and passion for life.

I also met the little girl inside of me, who is full of hopes and dreams but also scared for what comes next.

Both of these sides have been whispering in my ear. One guided by love, the other guided by fear.

And as I am listening to both, and allow tenderness to wash over my heart, I feel that there is something so much bigger, so much bigger waiting inside to burst open, come out and shout.

This year is going to be BIG.

I don’t know how, or when or why.

But I feel it.

My business is growing in ways I couldn’t imagine.

My heart is jumping, contracting and expanding to the rhythms of the universe.

My moon cycle is aligned with the energy of leadership, of empowerment and the sacred work of the divine feminine.

And above and beyond everything, I hear a soft voice whispering in my ear... trust my love, trust and love.

There is magic coming your way.

Magic 34.


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