Yoni Mapping with a Partner

Laura just gave me permission to share this; it happened right after our training call.

👉 Read & be inspired, ladies.

This is possible for you too.

“I told him I wanted to practise what we did in the call with him. He was all in.

We first spoke about the journey of our s—x life from the past years which felt really nice & connecting to throw out any misconceptions.

Then, I asked him to put oil on his hands and massage me;

first my belly,

than breasts

and then my yoni.

It was fun to guide him exactly and he loved to be guided.

It was already super juicy but I had a goal.

I wanted to try the yoni mapping with him.

It felt quite vulnerable after all these years to talk to him between my legs so technical about the right directions and the tissue feeling while he had his fingers in me.

But it was also the nice part because we were discovering something new together.

We figured out that my left side feels harder en burning because of the scar of giving birth.

I feel the care to massage that more from now on.

After the mapping he was like 'can I please free flow now?' And I said 'yes, but I don't want to come'.

This was so nice and new because the goal orientation was gone in both of us.

It was so playful and pleasurable!

I really felt the wanting for his lingam and then we couldn't find a condom anywhere😖 but that was totally fine too.

It felt like we had a beautiful connecting experience and a lot of new inspiration to make love on for a while.

This morning the vibe was really different and I even felt more loving towards our daughter because she is made with this beautiful man I feel more connection with now😍.”

I am sharing laura’s story because I know there are so many women out there wishing to have an experience like this.

An intimate experience where you don’t feel

❌ goal orientated

❌ pressured to come

❌ shy to guide your partner

❌ uncomfortable to express your desires

❌ pressure to move into penetration

And you DO feel

💖 Playful & juicy

💖 A beautiful connection

💖 Safe to be vulnerable

💖 Confident to initiate in bed

💖 Comfortable to tell your partner EXACTLY what you want, PLUS show him how to do that

💖 Inspiration to make love in new ways

💖 Stronger intimacy even when waking up the next day.

Ladies, this is so so so possible for you.

And NO it does not happen overnight.

It does require a shift.

> In your body.

> Your mind.

> Your consciousness.

> Your relationship to love, s—x & intimacy as a whole.

If you are ready to make such a shift, I would love to

invite you into my space.

One of my beautiful gifts is being birthed into the world right now, and you can choose to open it.

Coming Soon.


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