You are an Empowered Woman

I have been in full filming mode for my upcoming course on sensual expression, communication & sexual embodiment.

This is for you if you already enjoy your lovemaking, but you would like to be met more deeply in the bedroom.

You feel sensations, you have pleasure, but sometimes things are moving too fast, or too rough, or it doesn’t feel that great but you don’t really say something about it.

You have a beautiful connection with your partner, and you still yearn for that extra vulnerability and authenticity in the bedroom.

The thing is you don’t really know HOW to express yourself in a way that doesn’t make him cringe.

This course that I am currently filming is for you if:

♥️ You are an empowered woman. You got your things together outside the bedroom and you would love to feel that way inside the bedroom too.

♥️ You are in a beautiful connection or partnership, and you would love to deepen your intimacy together, but you don’t know how and feel like you don’t have the right tools to do so.

♥️ You are NOT numb or disconnected from your səאualitץ, you feel pleasure in bed, AND you would love to be able to enjoy more, you find yourself a lot in your head and wish to relax so that you can melt in his strong hands and let go more fully.

♥️ You enjoy the sexy times with your partner, but sometimes you just don’t really know what you like or want, or how to guide him to find that out together. You would love to have an easy, simple, maybe even playful or naughty way to express your desires, one that doesn’t make him feel like he did something wrong.

♥️ You know the importance of doing your own inner work to live life more fully and enjoy more deeply. If you are really honest you haven’t put that much focus into your səאual exploration yet.

You want more, you want to go deeper, and you are ready to go ahead and JUMP into deeper intimacy.

You can now get access to the pre-sale of my course on sensual & sexual communication and embodiments.

This is the last moment to get your hands on it before anyone else as I almost finished filming.

Official opening is only a few days away! ♥️


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