You Need to Slow Down in the Bedroom

You already know that you need to slow down in the bedroom so that you can feel more, enjoy more and create a deeper connection together, but you still find yourself moving too fast.

As soon as you are back in the bedroom scene, the same old acts get activated, and before you know it, you are a few steps ahead of where you want to be.

You might find it difficult to communicate that you need more time, that your body isn’t ready yet and that you would love to slow down your juicy times.

But how do you get him to slow down with you?

It’s not that you don’t want certain things or that he’s doing anything wrong, you actually want to enjoy more with him, while expressing yourself freely.

But you don’t know HOW?

This is exactly what my next course is about.

I have been slowed down in the filming process but, it’s ready for you to enroll in April!


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