Power of Presence

Pillar Three

You want to increase the amount of pleasure and connection you can feel?


Presence is so important for that! Making Love asks for a strong commitment of presence in order to go deep and unite in the most intimate levels.


In this workshop, you learn how to invite that presence in yourself so you walk out feeling empowered and radiantly alive!


Just Imagine...

Your body is feeling warm and relaxed, yet focussed, expansive and free. You feel grounded in your real situation - realizing you are exactly in the right place, at the right time, at the right moment.   


A feeling of an inner excitement washes over you as you connect with the preciousness of this moment. You feel how calm energy spirals up your spine in response, stretching and soaring into the space as your heart thrums with joy. You can completely exhale… 


You are feeling amazed how many sensations you can feel you never felt before. You feel shivers running down your arms and legs as a whole new dimension of pleasure opened up to you,

this feels like more!


With your fellow participants as your witnesses, you are ready to go deeper. Your fear and pettiness drop away as you harmoniously fall into the dance of life energy, realizing you have been the one who has ever limited your potential. An explosion of joy accompanist the realization that there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve other than to fully embrace the divine powers manifest through you, by expressing the entirety of your authentic being in the fullness of the moment.


This is the state of awareness in which you are completely in tune with reality immersed in your divine nature. You have touched the state of pure presence inside of you,  and it is here, that you can hear the universe whispering her secrets through the silence…


What do you get out of this course?

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your head and not in your body during lovemaking? Deep presence is the door to spontaneous aliveness and deep connections in your body. When we become fully aware, life and lovemaking can be transformed. Presence is our natural state. It is the mirror of our consciousness, and our natural ability to love. 


The body that we are living is a divine vehicle, a temple. To be rooted in the body is a key to flying high in Spirit. But how does that happen? How do you move into these expansive states every tantric practitioner raves about? One of the key’s for this to happen is PRESENCE. 


The feeling of being alive and one with everything is available through the path of tantra. When your heart is open and you are making love, there is no separation between you, your partner and God.


This is the profound connection with the divine that unfolds in the present moment and the important thing to develop is the sense that this sacred experience, is not limited to sex, it is available at all instants. Therefore this workshop will focus on the practice of presence in lovemaking as well as in everyday life, to fully embody the spirit of a tantric practitioner.




In this Workshop you will Learn to:


♥ How to unleash the full power of the tantric path



The most important tantric attitude and how to embody it 



♥ How sex can bring us to greater states of consciousness



♥ Powerful meditation techniques to drop into presence at any moment in your life


♥ How to connect the five bodies for greater pleasure & intimacy



Give and receive direct and indirect pleasure



♥ The difference between ecstatic and in-static experiences



***You can come by yourself or with a partner, the choice is yours!


Curious what other say?

People who joined before you sharing their experience with Arja


The Journey of this workshop

Is it really possible to be in such a state - that we may call Presence - all the time?


This workshop invites you to drop doing and simply be. Our time together is an invitation to discover tantric practices from gross to its most subtle levels. We go on a journey where you will move from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system, right brain to left brain and head to the heart. 


Our time together will help you to explore the ability to be fully aware; the state of presence, it’s dynamics its traps and its transcendence. We will start with an inquiry into what it means to be fully present. During our time together, you will discover how to bring this state of presence both in and out of the bedroom. We explore the difference between direct and indirect pleasure, and how to give and receive that. You will discover a new way of relating to sex, from foreplay to the fourth orgasm, all is one journey of ecstatic bliss! 


You will learn how to connect the five different bodies, bringing presence and awareness to our physical, energetical, mental and emotional bodies, placing them in alignment to connect with the body of bliss. IT will help you that will bring you into greater states of pleasure and consciousness at the same time!


By the end of this workshop, you feel how the state of presence goes beyond the levels of words and thought, and it becomes a vibrating reality at the foundation of your being, spontaneously illuminating all that you experience. 


On our last evening, we will bring it all together - integrating and embodying the power of our time here. Celebrating our renewed awareness, we will root our new connection, knowledge, and experiences with a sacred and profound tantric ritual.

This workshop is totally for you if:

  • You are ready to be present with all that moves through you

  • You are ready to do your own inner work

  • You are hunger to explore sexual Tantra in ways that are indulgent, fun, even maybe a bit naughty - and also transformational

  • You are yearning for a profound connection between spirituality and sexuality

  • You are both excited and nervous about this workshop!


This workshop is not for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to take a leap of faith.

  • You don’t want to do your own inner work and overcome your own beliefs.

  • You’re attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success

  • Spiritual exploration, personal growth, and major breakthroughs bore you

  • You aren’t willing to laugh, cry, hug – and get a little dusty dirty.


What's Included?

3 solid days of Tantric teachings
3 Delicious homemade organic lunches
A sacred space filled with love, compassion, respect, and connection
Profound theoretical knowledge, interactive discussions, and transformative exercises
A beautiful group setting with mind-liked people 
A magic closing ritual


What is not included?

Accommodation, and transportation to the venue


Next Dates:

April 2 - 3 - 4

Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan in Thailand


My promise to You


After 7 years of traveling the world completely by myself, I couldn’t do anything else than devote my life to the tantric path. I have been greatly inspired while living in tantric communities and study with the foremost spiritual leaders and teachers. Only after I discovered the importance of yoga and meditation and its integration with tantra, I begin the long, slow road to discover the magic that is hidden in this world. I went almost broke,  spending so much of my finances on the most profound tantra initiations and different tantra, yoga, and meditation teacher training programs, learning the entire background of the tantra yoga system. I have spent over 100 days meditating in silence, connecting with the depth of the Heart, while also struggling with all the hesitations of the mind. 


You will have the practical tools you need to expand your mind, open your heart, have more freedom and have the 


I guarantee that every course is put together with the most Love, care, passion, and enthusiasm that will not only change your life forever…


My intensive and comprehensive study,  self-practice, research, and personal experiences are all combined to create the most valuable, life-changing and transformational workshops and retreats for you. sexual life you always wanted. 


Arja's Approach

For Events, Workshops, Retreats or Festivals

The teachings are based upon the non-dual view of Tantra, inspired by Kashmiri Shaivism and influenced by various other traditions and teachers around the world. Arja’s sessions are infused with her own understanding, transformation, and experiences on the Tantric path, offering you an authentic and down to earth transmission.

In each course, you will gain profound theoretic knowledge to deepen your understanding of the Tantric Teachings as well as practical and transformative exercises to embody your new perspectives. Arja’s intention is to teach from the traditional Tantric perspective while centering it around the Yoga of the Heart. The teachings are adapted to a modern approach while still preserving the mystique, richness, and essence of the ancient tradition. 


Tantra belongs to the Yoga tradition and is an all-embracing life philosophy that will help you to integrate the physical, external everyday life with the subtle, internal longing for the Truth, meaning and connection.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have, make

the now the primary focus of yourself"


- Eckhart Tolle


Experiences from Real people

Namjai, Usa

"My experience with this workshop: accurate, professional, user-friendly and enthusiastic. Liberation by truth is addictive, to see new people, meet new hearts and it makes you feel a bit less alone. This workshop is a treat for relationships, and especially for the individual. The workshop helped me to get lighter, getting rid of the old musty dusty bullshit side of our mind, I would recommend it to everyone (and already did!)"


Johnny, Israel

"One of the most beautiful things of this workshop was how I could connect to myself and the other people around. I would tell everyone, to do this workshop! We are all longing for something more in life and wonder if work and getting married and have children is all there is to life. Tantra together with yoga and meditation is a way to show you there is so much more and something that you search for is already inside of you. Tantra gives you the practicality and especially this workshop to find this in yourself and find this in life. Go for it you will not be the same person after!


Hann, Germany

"So grateful for the thoughtful attention and beauty to each detail. The lectures were organized, easy to follow and just the right amount of info. The answers were profound and the group was held lovingly and gracefully. Arja’s genuine devotion to the tantric life has touched me the most.” Kamala, Switzerland" 


Kamala, Switzerland