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6 Week Live Online Course for Women

The Sexual Initiatress

Stop missing out

Do you feel that you are missing out on deeper connection & real intimacy?


Do you sometimes feel disappointed after lovemaking?

wishing to have a more sacred experience?

Do you feel that you are holding yourself back sexually?
maybe out of shame, fear to be judged, body insecurities, or wanting to be the good girl?

Do you feel tired of waiting around for him to meet you in the way you desire?

to be more tantric - more conscious - more advanced - more spiritual - pleasure you in the right way ... (the list is long)

Would you like to stop missing out on real intimacy
and start having the sex, love and relationship that you totally adore?
Learn tantric arts & feminine practices
Feel empowered in the bedroom
Live the sex, love & relationship that you absolutely adore

Join me for a 6 week live online course to feel empowered in the bedroom!

 I wish I had learned this years ago,

It completely changed my sex life!

- Hannah Sophia, Netherlands

Amazing Testimonial

In Tantra, the women is seen as the initiatress,


she holds the key to all the sexual secrets of her body

Yet many women have lost the understanding of the initiatress, they feel disconnected from their sexuality,
disconnected from their deep


and disconnected from their

own beautiful,

erotic nature.

You can easily change that,

all you have to do is join this course

and reclaim the pleasure you deserve to feel

You are born to be an Initiatress

By nature, women are born to be an initiatress. 

It is through her that we come into this world.

sexual power of a women, is greater than the sexual power of a man,

but we are told to be ashamed of it. 


Something that is so intimate, natural and sacred to our feminine bodies, is turned into a sin.


It's time to stop that. And you can be an example. 

Trust me, if you won't step into the role of the initiatress,

you will never have the sexual experiences that really fulfil you.

When the women awakens

her erotic nature,

she becomes an initiatress

Here is what you will learn



During the introduction of the course you will learn about the archetype of the initiatress, her connection to Tantra & receive tips how to get the most out of this course

Module 1

Sexual Inquiry

You start your journey with diving into sexuality itself releasing sexual shame, body insecurities and investigate unhealthy sexual beliefs. We ALL carry deep wounds around sexuality, and it is time to start claiming your sexual power!

Module 2

Loving Yourself

In this module you receive tantric practices and feminine arts to deeply connect with your body.

You will receive sacred rituals to do at home that will guide you into compassionate acceptance off all that you are!

Module 3

The art of self-pleasure

Every sexual initiatress knows exactly what she likes & what leads her to orgasm. So yes, this is where it gets juicy! You will learn about the female curves of pleasure, and receive my top 3 tips to experience deeper pleasure and more orgasms!

Module 4

Whispering to your lover

In this module you will learn 
sexual communication skills that will turn him on even more, while you get exactly what you want in the bedroom! No more faking or "acting like you enjoy" (while you actually don't), with this toolkit in your pocket!

Module 5

The goddess within you

In this module you are taking it to the next level! You will receive practices to  start blossoming into the archetype of the sexual initiatress. On top of that you will expand your knowledge by learning about the 2 principles of polarity (and how to use them in daily life!)

Module 6

Rite of Passage

In this module it is all coming together. You will be well prepared for the big rite of passage, a sacred ritual, where you will turn your bedroom into a temple and initiate your lover into your newly learned erotic arts!
By the end of this module you will realise that sex will never be the same again! (and you don't want to!)



You might think this is where it ends, but it is actually just the beginning. Here I will officially welcome you to the Initiatress Tribe, you will receive your final empowerment and this is where it starts. Your life as a fully empowered tantric goddess in the bedroom, ready to dive even deeper into the secrets of sacred sexuality, welcome!  

It is the Goddess inside of each women who initiates

- Chandamaharosana Tantra

What do you get out of this course?

Reconnect with your sexuality and step into your erotic side
Have deeper connections & profound intimacy
Fully enjoy your lovemaking 
Experience more pleasure & deeper orgasms
Feel empowered as a
sexual initiatress
Have a stronger connection with your lover

Here in this body are the sacred rivers,

let your waters flow my Dear,

let them flow.

This is included

6 Week Online Course

6 Modules

7 Live Sessions 

Daily step by step
practices to do at home

+ extra video material

Specific tools to step into your sexual initiatress

The sexual initiatress booklet

Unlimited sister support
in our private facebook group


Online sessions will take place over zoom

There will be a pre-online course call a few days before the course starts

In case you can't join one of the live sessions you will be able to watch the replay

Participation for this on-line course is for women only. Purchase is non-refundable

“Women are divinity,

women are life,

women are truly jewels.”

-Yoni Tantra

This was so sexually opening,

and I learned so many useful tools to practice with my partner

Lena, Germany

 This course felt heart-opening, grounding, intense, thought fully prepared and very very much needed! The course took me way beyond practical info that I can google myself to something truly heart opening and transformational - both for me individually as well as for our couple. 

Isabelle, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a partner at the moment can I still join the course?

Oh Yes you can!

A big part of this course is all about working on yourself first, and only then bringing it into the bedroom. For every exercise I give examples for what to do for singles & women with a partner, so you can do the singles now and save the partner one for later!

I am already enjoying my sex life, will this course still be of value to me?

For sure!
Before I started with any type of sexual Tantra I also considered my sex-life to be pretty good,

and then I discovered a whole new layer of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole shadow side of my sexuality I didn't even know I had! So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper, and when you awaken the initiatress inside of you, she will absolutely take you there!


How time does this course take per week?

There is one weekly call every Sunday of the course of about 1.5 hours. If you can't make it you can watch the replay after. Every week you will  receive daily practices of about 20-30 minutes, aligned with the topic of exploration. You will receive extra educational material, that you can take in during your own time, either during or after the course. Next to that you will receive support from other women in our private facebook group & with the sister of the week, you can decide yourself how much extra time you like to engage in both the facebook group & your sister of the week. 

I am a man can I do this course?
This course is for woman only, you will get all the juice of if when the initiatress enters your bedroom ;)

Any lingering questions? Please ask!

Get 5 techniques to feel

more open & free in your sexuality

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