Tantric Ritual for Lovers

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Tantric Ritual for Lovers


You are invited for an evening of Magic & Mystery

You don't want to miss out on the power of rituals.
This evening you & your lover will be guided through an intimate tantric ritual, a sacred invocation, and initiation that will guide you and your lover to a different plane of existence.

Sounds good? I sure think so.....

You are surrounded by candlelight. Feeling your body warm and relaxed, your shoulders are dropped down and your heart feels open. Shivers raise up your spine as you feel there is something magical about to happen, a meeting between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, a meeting in ritual, reverence and worship.


Just Imagine...

Sign up in Pairs

For this ritual you need to sign up with a lover, a friend, a date, or a partner of the opposite gender. During this evening you will do the entire ritual with your fixed partner. Your partner doesn't have to be a committed relationship but someone you have a connection with and love to spend a beautiful guided evening together.

There is NO nudity or explicit sexuality in this evening. 

Dates & Prices

Tantric Ritual for Lovers
1500 Thai Baht per Couple

Want to join the Ritual & my other course: the Intimate Lovers Immersion for couples? 
Sign up for both and only pay 1000 baht for the ritual!

Upcoming Rituals:

4th of February

( Combine with Intimate Lovers Immersion on February 3 & 4  )

17th of February
(Combine with Intimate Lovers Immersion on February 18 & 19)

6th of March
( Combine with the Intimate Lovers Immersion on March 5 & 6 )

Koh Phangan, Thailand

"Our connection went deeper thanks to this Ritual"

Valmar, Estonia

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Cancellation Policy

If after registration something comes up and you need to cancel: your registration for the course can be canceled freely up to 30 days before. After that date, your payment for the workshop is non-refundable. Should you have to cancel your attendance, you must advise info@arjahendrikx.com 30 days before the workshop takes place (and receive a written response back confirming your cancellation). Due to the popularity of the workshop limited spaces are available so please claim yours in time!


"I left feeling deeply connected to my partner."

Melvin, Netherlands

5 Pillars of Tantric Lovemaking 


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