Sacred Sexuality Workshops

Revealing our Real Nature
through Sexuality

How would it feel to be 100% passionate about your erotic life & 100% on fire for spiritual awakening?


My courses are designed to create a sacred temple for the union of spirit and matter, body and soul,

mind and heart, so you can express sacred sexuality in a way that touches the depth of your Soul.

You are passionate about spirituality and you would love to learn how to integrate sexuality in a harmonious way to positively enhance your spiritual practice.


You have a feeling there is so much more to sex and you are wondering how to further expand your ability to give and receive Love


You want to discover deeper layers of pleasure, intimacy, and connection. You want to experience
ecstatic states both in and out of the bedroom, and you are ready to fully use your sexuality as a way to connect to your inner essence and deeper truth.

You probably heard that tantric sex can make that magic happen, and now you want to be able to fully experience that for yourself!


Lucky you, because my courses focus on exactly that! Plus you will get a whole lot more so you can start to embody the spirit of a tantric practitioner.

Let’s get straight from the start. You can probably guess that it's not just a matter of sitting around and wait for the magic to happen. Just like anything else you wish to learn and master,

it involves time, dedication and practice.

Tantric sex goes far beyond the ordinary ways of making Love and is supported by a whole bunch of yogic practices outside of the bedroom.


Once you start to make Love the tantric way, it will not only bring you

expansive pleasure, deep connection, and profound intimacy,


You will elevate your Consciousness,

open your Heart, Expand your Mind, and have more Freedom

PLUS! You will positively enhance all areas of your life!


Pssstttt….. Are you curious to come but you also feel a bit nervous about going? 

Oh yes, I have been there too...

I clearly remember how I felt when I just heard about Tantra workshop for the very first time. I was super intrigued to go, but the idea made me pretty nervous and the first months I didn’t even dare to look into the workshops. So if you are still in that phase and there is some doubt inside of you, you surely want to watch this short inspiration from Lala! Her unique story might change your whole perspective! 

The Five Pillars of Tantric Lovemaking


Sexual desire is, as Divine as anything, but for it to become a means to liberation,

there must be a right view to it. Therefore I offer profound theoretical knowledge in my courses, together with transforming practical exercises, tracing your sexual desire,

back to its universal source. 


The workshops are divided into Five Profound Courses, professionally designed with uttermost care, love, enthusiasm, and passion that will not only change your life…


You will experience deep pleasure and ecstatic states through the most intimate, connecting, and mind-blowing god-like sex.

Each workshop connects with one of the 5 pillars of Tantric lovemaking, which are the essential conditions of
Sacred Sex.


P.S There's no need to follow the workshops in order from 1 to 5, you can join in the order you wish

Pillar One

Art of Tantric Lovemaking

Sexual Continence

Would you love to have all the practical tools you need to use sexuality as a fuel for your spiritual practice? This workshop will help you with exactly that!  You will learn how to expand your capacity to share Love, pleasure, and intimacy and you will walk away feeling empowered and inspired, knowing how to ride the tiger of Sexual Tantra.  

Awakening the Heart


How would it feel to fully say Yes to Love?  

Tantric Lovemaking opens the gateway to your Heart.

How would it be to have the tools to actually experience that? This workshop will guide you to the depth of Love, understanding the differences between romantic and true Love. To Love, without getting lost in attachments, insecurities, and fears and come back to the universal source of Divine Love. By the end of this workshop, you know how your sexual energy can be redirected for deeper Love, intimacy & connection transforming sex into a liberating spiritual experience! 

Pillar Two

Pillar Three

The Power of Presence


Presence is our natural state.

It is the mirror of our consciousness, and our natural ability to love. The body that we are living is a divine vehicle, a temple. To be rooted in the body is a key to flying high in Spirit. But how does that happen? How do you move into these expansive states every tantric practitioner raves about? This workshop will give you all the tools so you can increase both your awareness as well as the amount of pleasure you can feel and experience!

The Alchemy of Shiva & Shakti


The sexual attraction is a play of polarity,  a play of Shiva & Shakti.  In this workshop you will learn the importance of embodying these tantric principles and how working on your polarity creates more fireworks in the bedroom! Through learning the art of transfiguration you will know how to offer your deepest gifts, while inspiring your partner to offer theirs. With a foundation like this, partnership becomes Divine. 

Pillar Four

Pillar Five

Meeting without Masks


You would love to have a greater openness towards the power, beauty, and sacredness of sex. But how do you move past all the situations in your life that challenge you? How do you release those subtle (or loud!) limiting thoughts in your mind or old stuck emotions in your heart? If you are ready to let go of that which is stopping you to tap into your sexual power than you are going to Love this workshop!

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