Why learn Tantra with me?

There are so many people offering Tantra workshops and courses that it can be overwhelming where to start and whom to go with. While passing on these teachings, each and every one of us is offering our unique gifts, the question is who’s gift would you like to receive?

My Promise and gift to You

After 7 years of traveling the world completely by myself, I couldn’t do anything else than devote my life to the tantric path. I have been greatly inspired while living in tantric communities and study with the foremost spiritual leaders and teachers. Only after I discovered the importance of yoga and meditation and its integration with tantra, I begin the long, slow road to discover the magic that is hidden in this world. I went almost broke,  spending so much of my finances on the most profound tantra initiations and different tantra, yoga, and meditation teacher training programs, learning the entire background of the tantra yoga system. I have spent over 100 days meditating in silence, connecting with the depth of the Heart, while also struggling with all the hesitations of the mind. 

I guarantee that every course is put together with the most Love, care, passion, and enthusiasm that will not only change your life forever…


My intensive and comprehensive study,  self-practice, research, and personal experiences are all combined to create the most valuable, life-changing and transformational workshops and retreats for you. You will have the practical tools you need to expand your mind, open your heart, have more freedom and integrate sexuality harmoniously in your spiritual practice. 


It would be an Honour and a Blessing to Serve You!

Let me tell you, it hasn’t always been an easy ride for me, but every step of the way has been oh so worth it! I started this path with my mind full of fears, insecurities and sexual shame, and I found such a tremendous liberation! Not only sexually,  the tantric teachings deeply touched me and it positively affected all areas of my life.


If this was possible for me,
and the hundreds of people I have seen transform in front of my eyes,

it is surely possible for you!

So are you ready for the power of yourself?

I warn you, once you start, you will grow in magnitude, and there is no way back…

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What Others Say


I Love Arja’s integrity and the fact that she has done this personal work so deeply and by doing so having the ability to guide us and show us the example which is for me the most powerful of all teachings.

- Elsa, France

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Every desire of your body is holy

Every desire of your body is; Holy

Dear one,
why wait until you are dying,

To discover that Divine




Experience & Qualifications


Tantra Teaching Methodology
Satya Loka  - Radasi 

Osho Living In - 1 month Intensive

Osho Multiversity Centre 


Primal Deconditioning

Osho Multiversity Centre 

Path of Love - Meditation & Personal Growth Retreat

Tantra Mahashaktipat Cundalini Chakrapani Kriya (6-week process)

Shivoham Tantra


Tantra Sadhana Ganesha Kriya

Guruji Rajkumar Baswar 


The Art of Awareness - Study of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra



Over 450hr Advaita Tantra Yoga & Meditation Courses

Hridaya Yoga


Over 650hr Tantra Yoga Intensives

Agama Yoga 


Certified Holistic Health Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition 


Non-Dual Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training 600hr

Hridaya Yoga of the Spiritual Heart 


Tantra Initiation Program (6week process)

Agama Yoga 


Certified Tantra Teacher Training

Agama Yoga


Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Sembrando Semillas con Yoga Peru